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It's a new year and even though it may be cold outside, it is time to start preparing for your building project this year.  Whether it be a new home or an addition to your existing home, getting a good start on planning now can save time and money later in the year.   

Building Location:

If a new home is in your plans, do you have your building lot selected and/or purchased yet?  Knowing where you will build and the terrain will help with the planning for your new home.  If you are adding to your existing home, check with your local building department for building setbacks.  A good designer and/or contractor can assist you with this.Blog-1-Pic


Choosing a plan for your new home can be accomplished several ways.  You can look for a stock plan in plan books or online, but there are many benefits to working with a home designer or architect in designing a custom home that fits your needs, budget and building site.  Custom home design can take as little as 30 to 60 days, but time well spent during this process can save time and money later on in the process.  This process will also involve creating site plans and working with engineers to prepare a complete plan package ready for submittal to your local building official.


Time to get financing in order.  Take advantage of low interest rates.  Get pre-qualified so you have a solid budget number to work with.  Knowing your budget early will aid you in purchasing a lot, designing a plan and even selecting a contractor.


If you already have a contractor selected to build your project, get them involved early.  If not, work to select 2 or 3 contractors you would like to work with and get bids from them as soon as your plans are ready.  Contacting contractors early in the year can help secure a spot on their schedule for a spring or summer start.


After you have your building lot, home plans, have arranged financing and selected a contractor, it is time for the contractor to submit the plans to the building department for review and to obtain the required permits to begin construction.

If you start your preparations now while designers, contractors and building departments are typically less busy, you can pave the way for a timely spring start. When you complete your planning, bidding and permit process in the winter months you will not end up being as rushed to make decisions.

Founded in 1964, Design Loft Inc. specializes in residential design solutions.  Offering a variety of services, including custom home design, stock house plans and remodel and addition services, Design Loft can help create your dream home.  Longstanding relationships with other professionals including engineers and surveyors allow Design Loft to provide complete plans ready for contractors and building officials.