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The Super Bowl is almost here so let’s talk man caves.  But what is a man cave? 

What is a Man Cave?

A place specifically for and decorated (is that the right word?) by the man of the house. A place where a man can entertain, relax and enjoy his hobbies without having to conform to his wife’s home decor.



There are a few things that almost any Man Cave will need. So lets start with the basics.


First thing is to have a space to create your space. It does not have to be a cave or a basement, but should be a dedicated space. It can be an unused garage, all or part of a basement, an unused bedroom or office, or maybe even a shed.


Second, for most that will be a TV, preferably a big one. As big as you can afford. But for more detailed advice on picking the right TV, check out CNET’s guide


And finally somewhere comfy to sit. A sofa? Perhaps a recliner, or reclining sofa? A sectional with built in recliners? How about a massage chair? Pick what is comfortable and looks good to you, but plan enough sitting space for you and a few friends.

What Else?

So those are a few things to get your started. Don’t worry if that is all you can do to get started. The Man Cave is always evolving. You can add to and perfect it over time.


Now that we have covered the basics it is time to decide what we want our room to be like. Are we thinking about a sports theme? Or a sports team theme? Perhaps it is a tribute to a movie, or particular genre. How about cars, or cowboys, or military? You are only limited by your imagination, but it should be something you enjoy. Pay tribute to an interest or hobby. This is your place to display all of those fun things that your wife may not want in the living room or bedroom.  Click here for some ideas to get you started.

Other Stuff

Most guys will want the big tv, but what else? A poker table, a billiard table, foosball, pinball? Are you musically inclined (or do you hope to be)? This is a good place to keep that guitar and also to dust it off and use it once in awhile. Whatever you plan on doing or buying to put in your space, make sure it is going to fit and be functional. Even though this is a guy’s space, a little planning goes a long way.

A Place To Share

A man cave may be a place that you spend some valuable alone time, but don’t plan it with only that in mind. This can and should be a place to enjoy with friends, family and others that enjoy your interests and hobbies. Be sure to plan for plenty of seating for those friends to gather around the big TV and watch the big game.


The main thing to keep in mind is to Have Fun! This should be an enjoyable experience through planning, putting together and enjoying for years to come.

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