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Valentines Day is coming up! If you had unlimited resources what would you include in your love nest? We have put together some of our ideas here, and we would love to hear yours! 



Bedroom Area

Private Sitting Area

Create some space in the Master Suite for something other than sleeping. A reading area, a place to sit by the fire, etc. What would you like? Give us your ideas.

Limited space? How about a window seat? This creates a fun place to curl up and read together.

bay window
photo credited to Allen McGregor

Conversation Pits- go all out and create a special place for talking. This could even be placed in a family area. A fun place for pillow talk.

Closet Space

Nobody likes piles of laundry everywhere. Make sure you have plenty of space to keep your bedroom tidy and more romantic.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to include some sneaky storage areas for your “unmentionables.”


Jetted Tub

Keep it large enough for 2.


Bonus points if it is heart shaped ;-)


Make sure your shower has room for 2, and include multiple shower heads.

photo credited to Nancy Hugo, CKD

Steam units can really transform a shower.


Soothing, relaxing, rejuvenating- need we say more?



Try some skylights in the Master Suite and/or Master Bath area.

Be sure to include some dimmer switches, mood lighting at your fingertips!

If you are going all out, there are all sorts of options for recessed lighting that can create a unique space.

Or you could forget the traditional all together. How about a spiral staircase leading to your very own romantic loft or secret hideaway?

What have we missed? Share your romantic ideas in the comments section below.

window w/ flowers

photo credited to Podknox



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