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What is a Drop Zone?

We are not talking about a landing place for paratroopers, or the curb at the airport.

Chances are if you have a mud room, then you have a good start towards one. A Drop Zone is a place for you and your family to “drop” all of that stuff that gets brought home.  


These rooms come in all shapes and sizes, some may be as big as 100 square feet. Some items you may want to include would be a place to sort and organize the mail, lockers for each member of the family, places for backpacks and coats, shoes and boots. What about a place to charge your phone, computer or tablet?

It could even be a part of a laundry room. But the most important thing is location. Your drop zone needs to be in the direct route between the entrance everyone uses and the kitchen or the rest of the home. You are creating a new place for everyone to “drop” their stuff before it finds its way to the kitchen counter, couch, stair railing, etc.

Here are a few things to consider when planning your drop zone:

Small Desk Area

Mail sorting and organizing perhaps using baskets or folders

Area to pay bills

Place for keys


Area to charge and stow phones, tablets, computers


Lockers can be open or enclosed depending on your preference.


Place to hang coats and sweaters

Shelf for gloves, scarves, etc.

Shoe shelves

Hooks for backpacks, bags, purses


Provide a bench or seat for a place to put on your shoes

Bench can have open space below for shoes or boots, or a storage bin with hinged lid



You may want to plan some extra space for those extra winter clothes such as coats, gloves, boots, etc. This could be an additional closet, or some shelves with baskets, or even an additional locker.

The flooring will probably get wet and/or muddy so the materials for your drop zone should be easy and quick to clean up.

Good luck on planning your drop zone. If you have other ideas or hints let us know, we would love to share them with everyone.


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