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You have decided that it is time to make a change to your living arrangements. Maybe you are looking for your first home, or looking to upgrade, upsize, or even downsize. 


There are a lot of things to consider. Of course location is key. Once you have a pretty good idea of where you want to live, it is time to figure out how best to accomplish that. You may want to start looking for an existing home that meets your needs, or is at least close to meeting your needs. Keep in mind that some remodeling or an addition may be needed to get that home “just right.” Word is that existing home inventory is running low so how about a new home?

The American dream has always included becoming a homeowner. A place you can make your own and enjoy raising and being with your family. The ultimate realization of that dream is to own your own home that you were able to design and build the way you’ve always wanted.

There are many obvious advantages to this approach including:

•Designing your floor plan and layout to fit your families needs and wants.

•Choose the style and materials to make your house look the way you have always pictured.

•Everything is up to date and can include the latest innovations in design, materials and technology.

Sure it is great to pick out the color of the roof and brick. And also select the paint colors and floor coverings, but is this really a custom home?

There are different ways of building a new home. Many builders will construct a custom home for you. Sure it is great to pick out the color of the roof and brick. And also select the paint colors and floor coverings, but is this really a custom home?

Lets explore the word “custom” for a moment. If you want more control in creating your dream home, read on.  

Now the fun starts. You start looking for that special floor plan, you know, the one you have wanted all your life - that perfect plan that you are sure exists somewhere. It is hard to find it out there because you have not designed your perfect home - yet. This is when you need to collect all your ideas, thoughts pictures, etc. and search for the people who can help you with this most important project.

In order to find that special lot you will need to find a good realtor. Give them your needs, and let them go to work for you and find several lots that would make you happy. Vacant Lot We have recently become acquainted with Tony & Darcy - The C Team with Re/Max in Bountiful, Utah. Actually Tony and I have known each other for much longer than either one of us would care to admit. Let them work with you to find the perfect building lot that allows you the flexibility to design and construct your dream home using the qualified professionals that you select. Tony & Darcy can also assist you in selling your current home.

Design Loft has a team of professionals for you to draw from that can assist you in the entire process. Your project may require qualified real estate agents, home designers, engineers, surveyors, contractors and others.

When you find a group of experts working together it makes your life easy and the stress of building is taken away.

Please let us know your thoughts and questions about realizing this important part of the American dream.  


Founded in 1964, Design Loft Inc. specializes in residential design solutions.  Offering a variety of services, including custom home design, stock house plans and remodel and addition services, Design Loft can help create your dream home.  Longstanding relationships with other professionals including engineers and surveyors allow Design Loft to provide complete plans ready for contractors and building officials.