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Our Services

Custom Home Design

Design Loft takes into consideration every aspect of your new custom home.* From the exterior appeal to its structural integrity while keeping in line with your budget. We are honest in our efforts to help you understand how you can have an attractive, structurally sound home while staying within your financial parameters. Moving into a new home is an exciting, life changing event. But even after the “newness” has worn off you’ll still have a home that has been designed to meet high standards with functionality and timeless appeal.

Home Additions & Remodels

Remodeling your home or putting on an addition is a great way to make your older home your new home. Design Loft has decades of experience helping homeowners navigate the challenges of remodeling or putting on an addition. We can take your ideas or offer you some of our own on what possible changes you could make to your existing home. Our expertise will help give you perspective on how we can design a structurally sound addition and /or change an existing structure to be functional and add value to your home. It’s easy to “dream big”. We offer realistic possibilities that can be accomplished while staying within your financial parameters resulting in a finished product that our pleasing to our clients.

Garages, Barns, Shops, Pool Houses & Detached Buildings

Design Loft has decades of experience working with clients to design a variety of accessory buildings that have been built on their property. We are careful in the study of the client’s lot and space availability while taking into consideration budget, local building codes, setbacks, easements, zoning requirements, HOA requirements, separation from house, etc.